Okay okay 11 days late so what? Okay what have i been up to? Well i am finnaly passing biology *yeah* and thats basically all that has been going on. I finnaly get to see chad this weekend. 3 weeks without seeing each other in ahem private has been tourture. We are gonna get together Saturday most likley. Maybe we can goto this club for 14-17 year olds. That is really fun. Ohh yeah i have been trying out for the musical grease. I have been doing great made every single round of call backs and the roles are gonna be posted tommarow. Cant wait. I will tell ya if i make it and what part i made. I origionaly truied out for sandy but switched to jan when my choir teacher said it would be better for me.
(I was such a slut when I was 14. God.lol)

*kissed* @ 1:41 AM


Okay good excuse for no daily diaries. I forgot my bolt name and couldnt sign in! I just remembered it! Well okay Nuttin much happened this week untill friday. Friday we had a game against our biggest competitor canyon. Our enemys in fact! So everyone wore school colors except for me (ohh big surprize) In fact i wore red and black .Thats canyons colors. At the pep rally me and my boyfriend and anna and her boyfriend planed to skip but we sorta didnt and we got stuck in this lame pep rally. After school i went home changed and went to the game. Chad and anna and her boyfriend jesse were there. Anna and jesse kissed. Not just pecked. i mean KISSED! It was funny. Me and chad kept on making them laugh. Annas mom made her paint faces half of the time untill half time (annas mom is the art teacher at our school) and then she had to leave after the half time show! :( chad left 30 min before the game ended and i went up into the bleachers where i couldnt scream (I had region try outs the next day) and there 2 of my ex's JR and Stephan hung all over me! It was agrivating. I was having fun though. I had Kiss me painted on my face, my hair was orange and blue (that spray stuff) I had my shirt tied up and my sleves rolled under and i had pig tails on. Alot of guyz were paying attention to me. Mainly cuz i was dancing on the bleachers to the band then they decided to paint my stomach. It was halarious. Red white and blue all over the place!!! and well i went home and then went to sleep. Saturday morning i had to wake up at 5 to goto region auditions and guess what.... I MADE IT!!!! 20th chair baby. Judgind by hyow bad i did thats really good! So now im in region choir. I might letter becuz of this! Well thats all thats happened.
(When I look back on this I wonder why I always thought I was unattractive. Also, this is how the love affair between Tom and I started, essentially)

*kissed* @ 1:40 AM


Okay okay so ive gotten behind on my diarys. Sorry. Well umm geez. Ohh yeah! Well ta catch ya up! Sunday i hoped i could goto the movies with chad but nothing worked out so he just went with his friends. I played tennis with my dad and he beat me! *major pout* Monday i walk up to school and everything is cool. Tuesday that jerk who grabbed my butt's sister walks up to me and tells me if she sees me talking to him she will kick my ass! Let me say she was 5 inches shorter then me and really fat so i laughed and said what ever. I dealed with that by going back to the AP and telling him that his sis was threatening me. I wouldnt usually nark but if some one hits you and you defend yourself you get a week of in school suspension. IVE NEVER EVEN HAD DETENTION!!! So i was gonna avoid that. Today nothing special happened. Just hung out with my friends. Ohh yeah im trying out for the part of Sandy in the schools production of Grease! Isnt that the coolest? Well More entrys to come!
(Hah. Dude. I was such a narc. The only reason I told on that kid is because I HATED him. What a liar I was! Silly me.)

*kissed* @ 1:39 AM


Ohh wow i just got off the phone with chad. He is so sweet. Im in major "like" right now. Plus he kisses great! ;) Anna finnaly relized that her ex boyfriend doesnt want to be friends and the only reason he acts like he is friends with her is cuz he wants to use her. He actually said "Anna i want to fool around but i dont want to go out" how obvious is that????
Well shes got herself jesse who is great and he is no longer a part of her life. Its great. Im having a great night! whoo hoo!

*kissed* @ 1:38 AM


Okay. Sorry i didnt write an entry yesterday (friday) but i was at my friend annas house. I had a great day yesterday. I had on this cool outfit that was shocking everyone. It was lime green tights a black velvet skirt that was slit up the sides a pair of platform boots that were lace up and to my knees, a black tank top, and this vintage disco shirt taht was redish orange. Afterwards I went to the football game which was very fun. Bummer was that chad didnt go!!!! I wanted him to go. I sold roses 4 choir and this jounior bought me one and one of my senior friends said he would buy me one next game and so did one of my freshmen friends. Annas boyfriend was there and he didnt have enuf money to buy her one ! :( But she is still obsessed with him. Hes the only non- asshole shes ever had. Well thats it for friday i will have another entry when today is over! See ya
(Side note: The senior was Tom. This is how it all started. *sigh* The boyfriend I am speaking of is Slappy Chad)

*kissed* @ 1:37 AM


Today was HORRIBLE!! This morning this guy who i dont get along with runs by me and slaps my ass. I feel incredibly dirty and crappy so i decide it wont happen again and report him for Sexual Harrasment. Then when I get to Biology i find im failing it with a 60 and this means i may not get to try out for region choir which is what i love doing (singing) I think they might consider me passing becuase its an honors class but im still not positive. After school i meet up with my boyfriend and immediatly cheer up. Hes a sweetie and he kissed me and told me everything would be okay. I went with him and my friend anna and her man to the weight room and watched him bench press like 200. I was amazed. Then we hung out till my dad came to pick me and my friend up at that time he yelled at me for coming outside 20 min. late (it was only 8!) Then i tell him about biology and he freaks. But hes okay about it now. I guess everything evened out.

*kissed* @ 1:35 AM


Well as u can see im sorta halfway happy and half way sad. Ohh yeah im gonna start postin diarys every day weather it be private or public. Sorta let u know whats going on in my life. Ohh well i had a good day up untill the end of school i find my boyfriend and ask him where my best friend is. He then says "Shes being such a bitch, she is freaking becuase she weighs 100 instead of 90." So when i find her im obviously concerned and we talk and she keeps on saying its just the numbers and i really get scared, So im going to choir practice after another argument about how stupid this is and i start crying ebcuase i have had tons of bad luck in friendships and things such as sexual abuse, suicide, anorexia, things that may hurt my friends. It just sorta catches up to me. She relizes im really concerend and says shes sorry and explains it was just a shock. iM still worried but not so much as i was. Im just going to watch her and make she shes not doing anything dumb or showing any signs of anorexia. But i sounded awomse at choir practice and got compliments! alrighty see ya!

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