OKAY OKAY! I have created yet ANOTHER profile! Im sorry yall! ill quit with this one! So yeah for all u who know me! HI! For those who dont look at about me to get an idea. Well today i went out with Luke, Abbie, and Stephen. I had fun. First we drove around looking for sumthing to do but nothing was open so we went to Gameworks and played sum games there then we went to see Hannible. (CREEPY ASS MOVIE) then we went out to eat. It was great. We had fun. I wanna go out again w/ them sumtime. Ohh well... Jonathans home! Hes a friend of mine that got in a wreck but hes back! Im so glad! I cant wait to go see him! Well thats all i think! K!

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Wow! So much has happened! I got a job! It so awsome! Minimum wage with commision and i work at a really laid back place. Its air conditioned and everyone is nice. I worked one weekend last month and got a $91 paycheck. WHOO HOO> I only worked one weekend this month too. Its at an Antique gallary! WHoo hoo! Yesterday i went to the Destinys child concert at the rodeo. That was so much fun! Ive never had a better night in my life! I got all crazy! The music was awsome, the rodeo was awsome! It was funny cuz after the concert a huge group of people were waiting for the shuttles and i was being a total air head/ idiot/ clincally insane. It was great. Like i was a little bit of tom green, a little bit of jackass, and a little bit of that guy u see bitting at something that isnt there. It was so much fun. There was this big Tomato juice inflatable thing and i like ran up against it and like hit it and started hugging on it and stuff. I was singing, dancing, doing little improv's. All this stuff. So if any of yall were at the rodeo last night and saw sum idiot in red pants making a total dumb ass of herself IT WAS ME! WHoo hoo! well okay im done! No im not. Tommarow my friend beth is gonna be down for her sweet 16 and next weekend im going to this military ball thing. I feel bad cuz im going with the guy as "just friends" but he really likes me! I feel horrible! I mean i know how it feels to like have someone only want to be friends wth u. Hell tahts my life story. And figures when a guy finally decides to be attracted to me i have NO interest in him. Ohh well..... So yeah. My dress kicks ass though. Okay NOW im done! Love you al

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