Hey everyone! Well i need to update you all. First on the boyfrined thing. We didnt hook up on friday.. it was wednesday. HE KISSED ME MONDAY!!!!! it was so cute and sweet! I was all "Awww!" Well okay lets start from the begining of stuff happening.

Last saturday was prom. Aaron was really cool with it which made it awsome. I had the best dress on earth people! It was so cool! Well any ways, it was so much fun. We went in a limo. It was me, the guy who asked me, and like 4 other cupples. We went out to eat at Tokyo Steakhouse. Its one of those places where like they cook the food at the table on that hot stove thingy? Yeah it was really good and i got to have sushi! Then we went on to prom and danced the night away. Afterwards we wnet to jims and finally went home. No afterpartys for us i guess. It was a nice night. Then this tuesday i went to see aaron in his play! hes so good! a natural i guess. He was really good. I hope he knows hes good and believes me when i tell him. Thursday was my choir concert and aaron came to see me in that. He went out to eat with me and my dad afterwards and didnt screw ne thing up (lol jk) and my dad really approves. This friday i went to Fiesta Fest. Its like a music festival kinda. Dexter Freebish, Uncle Kracker, and Blessed Union of Souls were there. It was so awsome. I went with jonathan, leslie, and christian. It was so cool to go out with my boys again. I kinda felt bad for leslie cuz like we have so many inside jokes and inside "things" she got left outta sum comments. But hey its not her fault so she shouldnt feel bad. Neither should we. After the concert some drunk guy came up to us telling us about how we should all jam sumtime cuz he can play anything and hes better then any of the stuff we listened to that night. it was way too funny. Like we were all asking him if he knew sublime and he was all "yeah man... i jammed with them" and jonathan kept on trying to get him to give jonathan his wallet but he wasnt that dumb. Then he handed us his "Card" and left. It turned out to be an interior decoration card. HA HA HA. it was great. Well yeah. Thats about it. Now im gonna talk about aaron.

We really have gotten to kow each other well. Hes told me ALOT about himself and me about myself to him. We had our first REAL kiss thursday cuz i stayed with leslie to see him again in his play. Im such a good girlfriend! Damn! He was good this time despite being extreamly pissed off at the theater teacher for reasons that will go unexplained (sorry yall!) Hes an amazing kisser. Nice and soft. Sexy. Very sexy. Im kinda scared though because hes showing all these strong emotions for me and just past relationships like this have screwed me over. Im taking things slow. He really wanted to "take it a step further" thursday (i kinda proved it... actually i REALLY provoked him asking that) and i told him no. I think its the first time ive ever refused a guy something. Maybe i am growing as a person? hmm... yay. He tottaly understood when i said no and said sorry a million times. We had a talk that night about why so now he said im gonna have to ask him before he trys to go any further then his slow soft sexy kisses. Thats the way i kinda like it. Well i guess thats it. Nothing interesting today. I just worked and Aarons at his play again. (i stayed home! lol) I drove home but thats it. Well talk to yall later.

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Well! Im just having the best week ever! YAY!!!!! Well first off, I HAVE A BOYFRIEND. You know the fish? Yeah well me and him are kinda dating now. He asked me out friday night. I get my licence next week sumtime so maybe i can actually take him out now :)!!! Hes so cute and so sweet. Yeah. In fact im on the phone with him right now.
Im gonna go. Talk more later.
(He turned out to be skitzophrinic. No joke.

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Today has kinda been so so. This morning in choir my ex came in. He did it just to piss me off. I know it. Hes in college now and i told him to stay out of my life and he sent me a message back telling me HE didnt want to talk to ME. Listen now. I was not unreasonable in doing this. He has pulled me around by my heart, led me on, used me, and just didnt respect me. When i finaly had enough (we had been broken up for like 3 months but had been messing around since the brake up) Like a month after we finally quit messing around i got a new boyfriend and he threatend to kill himself and so forth. IT was horrible. Hes caused me so much stress and frustration. So yeah. I finally just told him to quit messing with me and he was screwing wth my profile on an old account so i told him one more time to basically fuck off and leave me alone and he sent me this shitty message back. Well ill finish this later. SUm 1 else needs the puter.

Okay back.

So yeah.. ive just decided to let him have the last word. Im not even angry any more really... well to make my day better i missed my drivers ed lesson and may have 2 pay 20 bucks for it. Damn. Ohh well. I did get to see my lil fish all dressed up on stage for his play. Well thats all. Laterz!


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Ooh yeah our choir got sweepstakes! yeah!

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Yay im 16! I had a pretty good Bday. I went out with my parents to eat sushi and shop for my prom dress and to renew my learners (had to) I got the perfect prom dress. Its Electric blue and i got purple shoes to go with it! Im getting purple gloves too! Yay! Well its spring break now and im doing drivers ed driving hours so i can get my licence. Monday night i had my sweet 16 party. Stephen, Luke, Aaron, Jonathan, Rob, Ryane, ABbie, and leslie came over. Aaron and me kinda got close... i was really flirting with him alot. And now i like really like him. Its so dumb... doesnt take much for me huh? LOL. So yeah stephen is kinda a thing of the past. I wouldnt like dating him. Hes such a goody goody. I just realized this. So yeah. Im going to prom!WHOO HOO. Umm what else. Ohh jonathan is outta his wheel chair and in crutches! whoo hoo! Ohh well. Thats all. Talk to yall alterz!

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