Ok. First post in a while. So sorry. And it is a rant.

Recently a good friend of mine I made at school this past year broke off a friendship/relationship with a mutual friend of ours. This made me realise something. A REAL friend will break off the friendship as well if they had met that friend through the origional friend. Confused yet? Let me explain. Liz (my friend) met Gabe in her physics class. They became romantically interested after sme time and started dating. Gabe went home for spring break and figured out he is in love with his ex and broke things off with Liz. Liz was hurt but he had promised to get back together with her. After jerking her along all year he returned home for the summer and got back with his ex. Gabe and I became friends through this adventure and I just realised that I really can't be friends with him after his betrayal of liz. A REAL friend would ditch the recent "through the friend" aquantence with NO problem. Why do I feel this is a nessicary point? A "good" friend of mine in the past ditched ME for a mutal friend we shared. She met this person through me. The friend dicked me over and caused alot of drama in my already shitty life at the time. Lemme explain this too. I had been friends with Ryane for a while when Kody and I became close. Kody and Ryane became friends through me (ryane is a girl. I should explain that) Kody was my closest friend through my fathers death and she was insanely close to my heart. Ryane was a shitty friend through his death. He died at home of cancer and we knew he was going to die. We had hospice come in and all. He started coughing up blood on the 2nd to last day and I called Ryane and asked her to pick up some cotton swabs for me since I didnt want to leave his side. She "was out with [her boyfriend] Rob" and couldnt be bothered to end her fun to help out a friend in DESPARATE need. Ryane also expressed anger at me for not telling her first about my dads death to many of our mutual friends. Shitty eh? Well regardless I didnt just stop our contact as friends. I was too much of a pansy for that and didnt see the need. Kody then met Brandon through Ryane. Kody and Brandon fall in love. Kody, Brandon, Me, my date, and one other couple wanna goto prom as a group. We invite Ryane and her boyfriend out of sympathy since no one really wanted them to go along with their group (everyone hates her boyfriend. He is a prick). Ryane then decides to take over the planning and ruin all of my plans. We get in a big fight overs omething as dumb as prom and we havnt spoken since. Kody and I slowly drift apart as every time she is free she is with Ryane and her boyfriend. nice huh? Oh. And Brandon treated kody like shit. So I get ditched for the crappy friend that has the ass hole boyfriend who introduced her to the man who practically ruined her life. Nice eh?

P.S. James, I love you :)

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