Last nigh was fucking awesome! First things first, Bobcat Ball. I have never seen so many pretty men in my life. It was GOOD TIMES. My favorite was the Somewhere Over The Rainbow Routine followed up by a rendention of "I feel Like a woman" and beer being poured on the fake man titties. Oh lord.

Then on to Sagewood. Oh wow. I saw SO many people from high school. It was amazing. I got so drunk.

The on to Tommys to get high and laugh the rest of the night away. And here are the photos from my night of fun.

Kate and Chad looked great. Chad was napolean dynamite and kate was a cat. Very cute :)

This is daniel and kevin and me. I had the BIGGEST crush on daniel (The one licking my boob) back in the day. He was lucy. He is a fucking hottie.

Nun's and Cats have never looked so cool.

Look at us. Seriously HOT.

Pregnant Nun. I AM going to hell.

I was drunk and took a picture of myself. lol.

Me and the kell-ster. We looked uber hot.


Liz and I.

Nerd. Core.

The nerd and kelly-elly.

Napolean likes cats!

Hey napolean what are you gonna do today? What ever I want to! Gosh!


after party at tommys. Great picture, no?

Fuck he is hot. I <3 Lucy.

I met the chick in red but tottaly dont remember her name.

Kate was on the phone. I was drunk. It seemed like a good photo op.

Me. Sara. Iday. They ROCK.

Dancing I mean Drag Queen.

AJ humped me. :)

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Sorry I havn't blogged in a while but this week has been stressful. I have had lots of boy drama, lots of school crap, and lots of insomnia.

My biggest note on all of this was my psych test. I studied hard and I am very confident it payed off!

So yay.

Last night I hung out with morgan till around 4. That was pretty fun. He is great to talk to. Saw great pics of ireland. Good times.

And now I am skipping sociology FUCK. Ok. See ya.

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I <3 peanut butter crackers.


*kissed* @ 5:43 PM


Why can't you just make yourself and me happy and just realise what is meant to be is meant to be and... and...

I am frustrated.

*kissed* @ 10:52 PM


WARNING: This blog is highly political.

Hmm. Visit here. This is interesting...


*kissed* @ 6:23 PM


Hey all. If you check out anything in my archives prior to this year it will be old blog entries from brior blogs. CHECK IT.

*kissed* @ 1:46 AM


Due to Kelly's boasting of her sheer volume of blogs I MUST show her how many I have, just not on the same addy. HA.

SO, be looking in my archives for OLD posts. I will put a list up of all the old posts I have made. See ya :)

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Fuck. Tonight has been filled with romance. Except, like, for me.

What is romance?

This came up last night in a drunken conversation with someone. He told me about a girl in his life who expected romance. How she expected flowers, expected jewelry. Ect.

He said "I just don't have the money to be romantic"

I explained to him that isn't romance.

Romance was coming and pulling me out of class with a stolen pink slip because you wanted to see me, to kiss me.

Romance was holding me under the stars at wurstfest and telling me you love me... being my first love. My only love.

Romance was new years eve, when everyone was inside, wrapping us both up in your blanket and kissing me under the stars, again letting me know you love me.

Romance is the fact you are the only guy that has ever really been able to drive me crazy and beg, and seriously mean it.

Romance is long talks late into the night.

Romance is... us. Romance is what we had. And what we could have.

Fuck. I want my period to go away so I can ignore my feelings better

*kissed* @ 1:53 AM


Whoa. I have made 106 posts. NEAT.

So some republican FUCKER stole my kerry sticker off my car. Ugh. Why are people such bastards. AND they tried to tear of my "Save a soybean, eat a vegan" sticker.

Why are people such jerks! For real! My kerry sticker did no harm!


Last night rocked. I went out with my mom during the day. Ate at rivendale's. Um. YUM. Then we went to austin, antiqued, I bought some new clothes. Then we at at Kenichi. OH WOW. fucking good.

Then we went and saw The Forgotten. I recommend it highly. Super creepy movie. Loved it.

She dropped me off at home and I drove into austin to meet tommy at a party. Great group of people. I watched everyone drink and had a good time. :) We finally left around 3:30 and I crashed at his place. Didn't fall asleep till 5. Good times :)

And... I rock harder then Mandy EVER will.

*kissed* @ 7:02 PM


Another night o fun!

The night started out chilling with morgan and tom at morgans apartment. Around 7 I came back to the room and got ready with Kate for the rest of the night.

We went to benegins for dinner. FUCK THAT PLACE. The food sucks. The service sucks. We had to wait 30 min for 2 dinner salads and a a bowl of soup.

Afterwards it was napolean dynamite time. FLIPPIN YES>

Then it was on to elises. I was DD last night so I had a great time watching Kate, Liz, and her friend STEWIE get fucked up :)

I dropped their drunk asses back off at the dorms, took care of kate, and then went over to morgans until 5 a.m.

:) Good times. More details later.


*kissed* @ 1:07 PM


To amy:

I don't know if you read this but if you do I hope you see this.

You are an amazingly beautiful, smart, and mature girl.

I am so sorry he hurt you. It infuriates me. I really didn't expect that from him. Despite our nasty break up I figured he was still a decent guy.

Obviously that is the farthest thing from the truth.

One thing I must say though is do not let him manipulate you into believing that this is all on you and he is innocent in all of this.

He did that to me a lot. He would obviously fuck up, then try and convince me that I was the one who was wrong and the one who should feel bad.

Over the year and a half we were together I realised something; He is increadibly selfish. He thinks and acts only for himself a majority of the time.

I know it hurts now but just be thankful you didn't get drawn into a year of relationship like I did.

It pretty much ruins your social life :P He is a needy boy.

And don't even get me started on his sex drive. If you dont want to have sex he pouts. It was the most fucking annoying thing in the world.

I don't know if you were headed in that direction with him but just know that you would have had many a fight if for some reason you wernt in the mood one night or something.

It will be hard darling but I want you to know something.

Coming to me last night and admitting wrong doing towards me was the most mature thing I have seen in a LONG time and you are def. a few years or more younger then all of my friends.

Curently my youngest friend is kate, who is 18.

You did it with such grace to. I mean, I will admit, I thought you were the biggest bitch and every thing. Last night made me feel bad for disliking you. Seriously. You are a strong, mature, beautiful woman and don't let him take that away from you or convince you of a false guilt of any kind.

Be strong girl. There are MUCH better fish in the sea...

Besides, he dresses like an idiot. You don't want that :P (I always told him I liked his pants but i HATED Them lol)

Low blow? Maybe. But god that was fun to say :)

Now to all my regular blog readers, including james who obviosuly has been stalking mine since the break up: If you want to know what happened last night at the concert call me. I'm tired of typing. lol.

*kissed* @ 11:34 AM


God. Let the nervousness set in. The last debate was tonight. Its go time people. It is time to start to worry about whether or not Kerry is in america's future.

I know some of my friends don't understand how I can be terrified of someone but its just this feeling I get that Bush is going to really hurt America.

I guess I am just being dramatic.

In other news... men.

Oh man. I don't have any clue what is going on in my head any more.

Like... I like the way it is... but I wouldn't complain if he dumped her and came running to me either.

God. He doesn't know what he wants. I don't know what I want. No one does I guess.

And further news, winter fresh commercials are FUCKING annoying.

Ta ta.

*kissed* @ 1:29 AM


Ah. So I figured out who the anon. poster was!


I wonder if James will confess now that I know it was him.


*kissed* @ 8:04 PM

Ugh. You men just don't know what would be good for you.

You hate any guy who gets near me becuase he is "in your kool-aide" yet you still just can't suck it up and make it happen.

You kiss me goodbye but arnt willing to have those kisses when ever you want them.

I get why and everything... its just funny to me. you are so indecisive. You will come around... just wait till you have the kelsea.

Ha :)

*kissed* @ 5:48 PM

UGH> Fuck. I looked an HOUR for a parking spot and had to park far away from my dorm. Im so pissed :(

So yeah. About my day? Lets see.

I slept alot.

Then I swam.

Oh! And then I met with Lamar. He is an attorney and is gonna help me set up a debate on the patriot act for the ACLU. I am VERY excited and he was a great guy. Good times, good times!

Then we went to ihop... which is why i searched for ever for a parking spot.

But... the hop was enjoyable, as always.

Just got an email from lesley about her wedding. She was the cook at Old Sattler when I worked there. Her dress is hot and so is the bridesmaids dresses. I am ultra excited.

Its gonna be a bit pricey but I am gonna save up. Its worth it to make her wedding day enjoyable.

Plus I am sure I can find the dress for cheaper some where.

Well thats it for the night. See ya all later.

*kissed* @ 2:00 AM


I love smells and tastes that bring back memories. Its fun.

Today after swimming I smelled my towel and was INSTANTLY brought back to when I was a kid and would go swimming all day while visiting my grandma.

Then to the best summer I ever had, where I was getting ready to be a sophmore in high school and I spent every day getting a great tan at the pool with Amanda. :)

Then today I ate sun chips and remembered a time james and i watched bad t.v., and ate a huge bag of sun chips, naked.

It is a nice memory, as much as it sounds stupid. But It was just us.. when we were happy.

Its nice to be able to remember happy times and not miss someone. I guess I have moved on.

I didnt ever think that would happen.

Want to know another weird smell rememberance? The smell of cigg. smoke now just comforts me instead of repulses me.

Fuck you tom. You got me used to it. You fucking smokers.

*kissed* @ 4:11 PM


My poetry rocks :P

Sins of the flesh
those taste so fine
I wish for sins
those purely mine

Lust contented
the pulse quickens
heavy breath
the bodys glisten

Her fingers rake his skin
leave marks of possession
she moans his name
his true obsession

its all a game
she feels anew
friendships grace
in her heart grew

revitalized her soul
her self worth is proved
new philosophies spring
from lust renewed

*kissed* @ 10:48 PM


Well last night was a blast.

This rocks. Having fun every weekend is great.

I went over to Jakes (Tom's friend) to watch the debate. What a debate it was. Bush got his ass kicked, again.

Bush made it crystal clear he can't answer questions.

Bush made it REALLY crystal clear he wants to do away with the right to choice.

I don't think so bushie.....

we drank. It was fun to watch everyone play the "Debate" game.

Any time either of them said "WMD", "No Child Left Behind", "Iraq", "Saddam", "Al Quida" ect they would take a drink.

Funny thing was they kept on adding words to the list. One person nearly puked after a WMD discussion ha ha ha.

So that was that. Now its 8 in the morning and I am on my way to educate the peer educators on peer education.



*kissed* @ 8:22 AM


Ugh. Where is your obnoxious, mysterious, blog stalker when you need him/her.

I am SO bored. Kate has a test and I am out of min. on my phone so I can't call anyone for entertainment, well I can but there isn't really anyone I wan't to talk to... so that is a bad excuse for being bored.

AND i need to quit posting on the grief boards on bolt. It seriously bums me out lol.

So yeah. I didn't swim today like I told myself I would. I am such a fat ass. *sigh*

But, I promised myself I would work out tomorrow before watching the debate.

Oh. I am SO excited about that.

*kissed* @ 7:28 PM

Big bad boss man and the cool ass boss women are out... so i use this opportunity to... blog.

I just got done sharpening 24 pencils.

What did YOU do with your day?

*kissed* @ 4:38 PM

This convo sums up exactly what I am feeling at this moment.

Kelz: hey hey hey
Cesar: yo
Kelz: how ya beeeee?
Kelz: God I am out of it. Sorry again about the drunken dial.
Cesar: haha
Cesar: that's okay
Cesar: how've you been?
Kelz: Lol. We had such a fun night lol.
Kelz: I have actually been fantastic. I have been having SUCH a freaking good year
Kelz: Well... maybe not year but month.
Kelz: You know the loser I was with at sonic?
Cesar: you split?
Kelz: Oh yes. he dumped me lol. Decided I was "stealing his youth" (he was 17) I dont know what the fuck I was doing... I have NO idea cesar. I think I was desperate.
Kelz: But we were together all last year, my first year of college, and he held me back.
Kelz: I hardly met anyone.... i didnt have fun.
Kelz: I was wth him every weekend.
Kelz: Now... i have fun... i know people my own age.
Cesar: that's good
Kelz: Its so fucking wonderful. Its orgasmic really.
Cesar: hahaha
Kelz: And I am so seriously enjoying all of my classes.
Cesar: that's awesome
Cesar: school is cool
Kelz: It is awesome. And how are you
Kelz: School IS cool.
Cesar: I'm great. finally getting into the earth-shattering classes of my major
Cesar: looking into career stuff, etc. I think I've finally grown up
Kelz: Oh wow... thats scary.
Kelz: Yet fun
Kelz: Loving your major I assume.
Cesar: fun indeed
Cesar: YES
Kelz: ha ha ha. Thats great.
Kelz: Loving your major is a good thing.
Cesar: how's yours coming along?
Kelz: What is it again? Kate is graphic design.
Kelz: Oh great. I love the hell out of it.
Cesar: Advertising
Kelz: My current psych prof is amazing.
Kelz: I love her.
Kelz: She is so... earthy.
Cesar: haha
Kelz: Her neices name is lunablue.
Cesar: that's cool
Kelz: And she shows us videos of her (its developmental psych_
Kelz: I was working on 2 hours of sleep today and I didnt even feel sleepy her class was so great.
Kelz: Today she brought in a friends kid to conduct some experiements. Deff. lets me know I am in the right major.
Cesar: that's awesome
Kelz: Deff. Im happy. Eek. I am so happy cesar... its so weird! Its like... i havnt been happy since my dad died... and now I am.
Kelz: You have no idea what it feels like.
Cesar: I do!
Kelz: Thats good. Because its flippin great.

*kissed* @ 2:25 AM


Kerry promises to devote 100 million a year to stem cell research. He promises to abolish research on USABLE nukes.

Any president that values human life more then destruction gets my vote.

*kissed* @ 3:44 PM


Wow. What a good turn my life has taken... and what a weird turn.

I have recently started talking to Tom again, as you may have noticed. Some of you know our history, some of you don't.

All I can tell you is I refused to speak with him for 4 years and now I can't leave him alone.

Hes such a tender caring friend. He is pretty much what I wish for my guy friends to be like.

I just hope one day we can find an "us" again.

I would figure that I was making a huge mistake right now but NOTHING in my head is saying "You are fucking up." and I hear that voice even when I am hardly fucking up.

I am just having fun. I havn't been this free in... years.

*kissed* @ 10:27 AM


Party time, exellent, weee weee weee weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Another night. Another party.

Last night we all conviened at Liz's dorm room to have some. The amazing Tom Newell bought us a shit load of alcohol. (Huge thing of seegrams. yum)

We drank. Alot.... and heresssss the night.

In a condensed form. We took some 50 pics last night.

The night started out watching the Count of Monte Cristo and a black light. I was bored by this. So was Kate and Liz. This is why we took pictures of fun blacklight tricks.


And the drinking starts. We drink. We drink some more. We take stupid pictures. Enjoy :)

So we got drunker after playing spoons and like 2 rounds of I've Never. We order pizza.

I call Tommy. He comes right when the pizza gets here. We eat pizza. We drink some more.

Then we make new friends!

Oh yes. friends are fun!

After we hung out with the friends a bit we just started acting stupid.

I was taking random pictures of everyone

Then they took pictures of me.

Then we started kissing one another.

And for some reason kate got in the shower...

Oh... and chad was drunk. See evidence... here.

*kissed* @ 9:43 PM

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