Kelsea is so having a sex toy party in her dorm room on april 19th at 9 p.m! Its super fun and totaly confidential. If you want to come please let me know and any of your friends are invited!

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Whore Out That Virginity

I got quite a laugh the other day during History. The girl who sits next to me sat down and I noticed this:

Yeah. Thats it. Show the world you are a virgin. Whore out the fact that you are "pure". I am so sure you are pure any way. I feel its rather sick to broadcast and use your sexual status as some sort of fashion statement. It's just fucking sex? WHo CARES.

Then again I think this who idea of purity through abstinence to be fucking stupid. Ha. Abstaining until marriage in no way makes you a better human being, nor does it open up an immediate spot for you next to Jesus. Get over yourselves. If you want to abstain for your own reasons, do it. Don't whore out your reasons. I seriously don't want to see it. I wish they sold bracelets that are like red that said "I did it yesterday" or "fuck virgins". Ha. get it? It can go two ways. Literally or as an expression :P

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So... I turn 20 in like a month right?

I've decided on what we are doing. First, themed party.

What theme? The 90's of course.

Come in your best 90' atire or character.
We will drink lots of zima.
We will listen to awesome 90's top 40 hits.
We will get fucking drunk 90's style, bitches.


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God's Reasons

Apparently pro-choicers hate God. Who knew?

And that the decision on choice v. no choice should be one based on religion.

If thats the case my side wins, because of this whole separation of church and state nonesense.


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Slanted To The Right

I just realised that my poli sci prof. is tottaly a conservative. I noticed it more during our lecture this past monday, but after cracking open my text for the first time (yeah. I know. I suck) I see the obvious right bias in this stupid book.

I am currently reading the article on abortion and it called pro-choice groups "proabortion groups" put right to choice in ""'s, and IDed partial-birth abortion as "where a fetus is destroyed during the process of birth" and failed to mention that it is a abortion process rarely used and only in extreme situations and is caused by inducing birth. The wording made it seem like the woman goes into natural labor and they kill it when it comes out crying.

Oh! And then it said that the pro-choice, ahem proabortion apparently, side argues that the fetus isnt a human being until birth. Give me a break! That isn't what our side argues. We know its a human. It has human DNA. We argue PERSONHOOD.


This is disapointing. I hate bias in my education.

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Hi. My name is Creepy Falls Resident Who Sits In The Back, Smoking Cigars, Saying Hi To Anything With Tits That Walks By, Asks You If You Were Scared In A Creepy Voice When You Get Out Of The Bobbies Cart, And So Obviously Stands Outside With ID Poised To Let Anything Remotely Female In And To Try Pathetically To Talk To Them.

Long name, no?

Yeah. This dude is 'effin creepy! A few months ago I was coming back from San Marcos Hall with a Bobcat Bobbie (These people who drive you across campus after dark) and creepy cigar guy was sitting by himself, in the back, smoking a cheap cigar. He looks directly at me as we are slowing down and says, in a FAIRLY creepy voice, "Were you scared?" The bobbie looked at me and said "We will wait till you get inside."

Yeah. Creepy, no?

Oh! And then around Mardi Gras I saw him leaving the building with more necklaces then a coed with perky boobs and a wet-tshirt. I know what the fucker was doing with those. Fucker.

And then, last night, I was walking up to the door and he like got up, despite my ID being in plain view, ran up the steps, and stood there with the door open leering at me.

I lock my door now when I sleep.

In other news this cracked me up:

In my family, we have a saying: No Wrists, No Cysts.

I say, find a doctor who will amputate the forearms, and attach the hands to the elbows. If you can't find a doctor, any Japanese person will be able to do it for you with their samurai sword.

I grant you, it makes the little things awkward...eating, playing the cymbals, wiping your butt.

But everybody's impressed with your tyrannosaur impression.


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Metrosexuals: The New Feminist

They spend hours on beautification.

They appritiate the values of good hygene.

They iron their clothes.

They are closing the gap between men and women as we speak.

So you take your average metro, manly men call him a sissy, homo, bitch, pussy, what ever.

Your average female takes him shopping.

Your average metro accepts the feminine qualities men posses, and embraces them.

And I wager that any guy who can be feminine will respect and fight for rights associated with the female sex.


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So I have a new hero :) His name is Bill Gates. He's that rich mother fucker who pretty much owns the world? Yeah. He has so far donated 4.9 billion to aids research despite feelings that the cure is still very far away.

Cool, no?

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Ok. Problems for i.e. users (get fire fox loooers :P) should be fixed. My blog ROCKS your mom.

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Some good ol reading.




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