Saw Kody at the store with brandon. That made me happy. They just fit together. I love it. Yay kody! Even though he is stealing my bestfriend away its ok. I still love you girlie.

Went out with some choir friends and various guys. Abbie and her boyfrined. Alex and this guy josh she brought. Theresa. It was kinda funny Josh was there. I have a story behind that:

I visited my friend Jonathan up at tech last Novemeber. He is Josh's roomate. Leslie and him kinda had like a fling (he was using her of course) before they went of to college and Leslie was with me on this trip. Her and Josh were all over each other untill we went to a party where he stayed sober and she got fucked up. Then he decided it was time to aviod her. He drove us home and we didn't see him for the rest of the weekend. So yeah. He got to hang out wth me all night. I bet THAT felt odd judging by his rudness. Well yeah. Thats the end of the story.

Saw "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days". Just once I would like to have that movie romance. It must be nice. The kissing. How amazing. Gosh. Im jealous.

Wish I was on Spring Break right now damnit.

*kissed* @ 1:32 AM


Asylum Street Spankers
Last night was a good one. This band kicks more ass then any other. Great great fun. I had a great time kids. Honestly, I did. Thats about all I have to report. Yeah. Good times.

*kissed* @ 1:32 AM


No Doubt
Good band.
So yeah. Today was fun. I got to sing. I like that some times. My uterus hurt like a bitch though. That always sucks.
Kody is happy. That makes ME happy.
Robynne just got offline. Damn her.
I get to go see a very much so kick ass band with cesar and a few other people tommarow. That should be fun! Cesar, I can never get enough of you.
I should be doing my lab write up right now. I will be ending this, now.

*kissed* @ 1:45 AM


Dude. Prom is working out. I hate being sick. I hate being pms'y. I hate the fact that my eyes are all dry. Other then that I am golden. Im tottaly over this stupid fight I had with a so-called friend. She just made me realise how much I can't stand being around her. Good times. Kody! Prom will rock. Even if I have to make your prom dress from scratch. :P I need to finsih my outfit up. I need to find a tiara. Ooh. American idol is on tommarow. Fuckers voted off my favorite. Im still pissed off. Bastards. Shit. Well, I have more biology tommarow and more choir and i'm STILL sick. gah. Thats all I guess. See ya kids.

*kissed* @ 1:45 AM


I Love Kody!
I do. I love you so much. You are the most AMAZING person ever. You just have SUCH a fucking kind heart. If more people were like you, the world wouldn't suck as much ass as it does. I am stoked still about prom. Kat may suck and may be controlling and may be horrible but WE will get to spend prom together and you WILL be with BRANDON! Thats awesome you know? And so what if we don't stay out all night long, we will be TOGETHER. I've always wanted to have a best friend who I could trust and who didn't piss me off. YOU ARE HER! I am so happy I found you. Please don't be sad. It makes me sad too. Be happy. Smile. I love it when you smile. I love you kody-bug. Kody-wody. I love you. SMILE! :)

*kissed* @ 1:44 AM


Or so they say. Jonathan and Leslie are coming over later. Leslie will be drunk. Its funny when leslie is drunk. I will get lots of fun ass pictrues.

Mike, i cant believe your not around for your surprise. Sucks to be you I guess.

My throat hurts. If you live in the SA area and wanna go ice skating tommarow leave a message here. Kody wants me to bring someone with me and her and ry and some others who are joining us ;). Id hate to feel left out.

I love having the house to myself. I've bee doing what ever the fuck I have wanted to do for the past 2 hours. I need to clean though. Bah.

Aimee Allen. My new favorite singer. She says fuck alot.

I hate people who's sole purpose in life is to create drama. Fuck that.



*kissed* @ 1:44 AM


Alex quit broadway ladies.
Another Diva bites the dust, Fuck. Yeah. maybe she will disapear all together. I know the shit will hit the fan once they all figure out I'm glad shes gone. Maybe they will all quit too and all the cool chicks will be left. and it would be good. EH.

*kissed* @ 1:43 AM

Well. I was making my bed and i realized something. Its ok for me to be open about sexual topics. What I say does not have to dictate my actions as long as I am not blantantly saying things like "I want to fuck you." or "I like to touch penis". I hate the fact that there is a fine line between being a whore and being sexually expressive. Humans are sexual by nature. I should be fucking allowed to say shit about sex without thinking in the back of my head (do i sound like a slut?) So here is where I am at now.

If you think I am a slut, so be it. I used to let men dictate my happiness, then I realized what a waste that is. Now I am my own person. I dictate my own life, and its ok for me to talk about sex openly.
Wow. This is cool.
And if you are some random idiot that thinks he can get his rocks off by IMing me and saying naughty things, die.


*kissed* @ 1:42 AM


Yes. America, you have let me down TWICE today. Let me explain

Lawsuit Abuse:
Yes. What happened at the Long Island club was HORRIBLE. A bad mistake and the owners of the club and possibly the band playing need to be sued. That is a VERY legit. lawsuit. But why not profit from our loss? Its not every day a loved one dies in a horrible way. Lets sue budwiser for making our loved one drunk and unable to escape. ANd lets sue clear channel communications for advertising the club and the show. Yes. Lets abuse our rights.

American Pride:
Hey, dont get me wrong. I LOVE being an american. Its a good thing. I get what ever my tiny heart desires. But this is a bit to far. Yes. It sucks that France doesn't want to stick its nose into our buisness at our request. But no. We must boycott anything french so now, yes this is true, many states are have "freedom fries!" Yeah. Freedom kissing kicks ass too.

I want to shoot all stupid people in the face.

*kissed* @ 1:42 AM


Asked Ing's son to prom. He said hed "think about it." Dumb! Dude im a hot senior chick who, for all he knows, could put out. Id say yes if i were him. Hes a freshman. He isnt allowed to turn ME down.
Sang for 2 hours straight today. I will kill dean. Fucker.
Im cold and hungry. Grr.

*kissed* @ 1:41 AM


Note: Everything I said about tom was super hurtful and crap. I didn’t mean any of it. We have worked all of this out.

I'm single. 11 months, now single. I plan on staying this way for a bit of a while. Gosh. I sound so concieted. Honestly, I don't understand why I always find myself in a relationship. Let me explain my crappy dating history:
Middle School:
Guys liked me but I was the "Fat chick". Turns out this wasn't true. I was the only female with large hips, and breasts. I was to developed for middle school. Thus I felt like a social retard who didn't have a diff. boyfriend every week. Now i realized how horrible middle school was for everyone one. I finally found my first boyfriend, Stephan. He was really big, and a really ugly person, like inside. He knew I was a bit above what he should be able to attain so he made sure I felt bad about myself when ever possible. He was my first kiss, and the first guy to touch my boobs. That was the extent of it.
He broke up with me and i dated a few other of my crushes. No. Didn't date, "went out with"(if you remember that, it meant tenative hand holding, and being a couple for like 2 days). End of the year, in theater. A terminal loser named JR infatuates me. We are an item trhoughout the summer. We never once saw one another. He was a good enough guy, just had lots of issues. I broke up wth him towards the begining of the school year because he started telling me my outfits were too tight and too showy.
High School:
Chad - Moved to texas from Canada. A bit to clingy. Hated PDA and LOVED making out in private. I met a senior named Tom who I fell in love with. Half dumped chad because he got on my nerves oh yes, and he slapped me and half dumped him for tom.
Tom -Biggest mistake anyone could ever make. I was 15. He was 18. He stole my virginity away from me. He took every first of mine that I held dear. After 8 months of actual relationship he freaked and left me. We stayed friends. I went to prom with him. I slept with him in hopes of making him love me. Odd enough, it worked. He became obsessed. I finally decided the sex needed to stop, and then realized he was hurting me by simply monopolizing my dating life. I found a new guy. He flipped, called him, threatended him. Me and Tom no longer speak. If he tries I will get a restraining order against him.
Anthony - The catalyst that ended my bad realitionship with Tom. He was a good enough guy. He broke up wth me, I still have no clue as to why, and i started nasty rumors about him. I feel so bad about this. I was a sophmore and immature. Sorry Anthony if you ever read this. You really were one of the only two good guys I have dated.
After Anthony I was single for a good 4 or 5 months.
Aaron - He was skitzophrenic. It ended quickly.
Then came the summer of fun.
Cody - The first of the "preppy" guys who had no clue what they were doing wth me. They were all so wrong for me. Cody played football, wrestled, and was an All Star Cheerleader. He was muscular, tan, and into himself. Our relationship ended due to the fact that I was too edgy for his friends. Me and Cody actually met my freshman year at a football game through a mutual friend. We exchanged numbers and chatted for a bit, but nothing much came of that. Then, out of the blue, he called me during the summer before my junior year. We dated twice. It ended.
Sam - Idiot. He wasnt even a relationship. He force kissed me.
Floyd - Tall, dark, smart, and handsome. All was wrong for me except the smart. I was actually just in it for the platonic making out. Ive never been in a benefits only relationship. Floyd kicked ass and was hot. He fell for me and ran. End of story.
Junior Year came.
Single up untill september. I meet chris.
He was a bit chaotic. Got kicked out frequently. He moved without telling me. Bad break up.
Then i realized how fucked up my dating was and like, changed myself.
A couple obvious losers asked me out. They were hot. I said no. I knew they were fucked up and I am better then that.
Dated a dude named Danny. I call him Danny Number 1. He was fun. Turned out to be an idiot. I dumped him at the first signs of dumb fuckness.
Then Danny number 2. He was so awesome. 11 months I have dated this boy. I ended it yesterday. I feel like such a bitch. He is honestly a good, sweet, honest, guy. Feelings changed. Im so sorry danny. Thank you for being you.

So here I am. SIngle and not knowing what its like to be single while still being confident. I have changed for the better and I know it. Now I won't let guys fuck me around, I won't let them lie to me, cheat on me, or do other devious things. I won't get serious into relationships that are just fun. I love where I am at right now. Tell me what you think.

*kissed* @ 1:40 AM


Yes. Thats the final determination. We have decided to "promote heath through an educational environment" or some nonesence. So instead of letting a student buy unlimited snack foods at lunch time, they are only limited to TWO. And you can buy unlimited snacks from the vending machines. Yes. My school is fucking stupid. And apparently the school is one match away from becoming an inferno. The fire marshall has been bitching about it for months.
My mom is talking to me and I can't hear her. Oh well.
Im sleepy. Ick

*kissed* @ 1:40 AM


Its really hard to stay awake during pre-cal. REALLY HARD. well I found this fun survey thing and I figured id tell you kids a bit more about myself. Enjoy.

NaMe- W3rd.
DoB- April 3rd, 1985. Buy me something good kids.
SiBlInGs- No. believe in population, not over population.
PeTs- I have them yes.
AgE- Guess from a previous question and you get a prize.
NiCkNaMeS- Fuck me harder, yes thats great, kelz, smart ass, awww yeah.
HeIgHt- Im short. :P
FeArS- Being up high. Gah. I flip. But I can fly without issues.
InSiDe JoKeS - this is such a pointless question. If they are inside you wont understand them. *shoots creator of survey in the face*

HuSbAnd- No. Wife
LoCaTiOn- My mom
HuSbAnD/WiFe- Ummm what in the hell?
ChIlDrEn(?)- Tasty.
JoB- Rocket Scientist

BeSt- Kody bug!
FuNnIeSt- Jonathan
LoUdEsT- jonathan
TaLlEsT- jonathan
ShOrTeSt- theresa
SwEetEst- kate and kody are tied for this one im afraid
QuIeTeSt- Gosh. I dont associate with the quiet types.
SmArTeSt- Im smarter then everyone.
PrEtTyiEsT- Cesar :P
NiCeSt- Hasnt this been asked already?
WeIrDeSt- nahtanoj
MoSt HyPeR- ADD freddy.

JoB- Yes. Everyone loves working. Who wrote this. They are a fucking idiot.
CoLoR- Glitter
FoOd- Sushi.
BoOk- Reading is over-rated.
MaGaZiNe- I like teen bop beet tiger scream! boy bands like tottaly get me wet, I mean happy.
StOrE- I like dollar stores alot. Those are fun.
OnLiNe WeBsItE- www.midgetporno.com
SuBjEct- The Weather?
SoNg- It varies.
MoViE- Also varies.
Tv ShOw- American idol. Im such a tool :P

WhAt TiMe Is It? Why does this matter?
WhAt DiD U dO 2DaY? LiKe 2dAy I lIkE hIt On BoIz N sTuFf.

who types like that any way?

*kissed* @ 1:39 AM


Yup. We kicked ass. Ranked a division one which means, the best. It was fun. I slept till 1 today. I stayed up to late talking about basically nothing, but everything, with my online lover. Neat huh? Today I am going up to southwest to visit the campus and have a looksee around. Ohhh kody made me a tsunami bomb CD. I fucking love her!!! *sigh* Still tired, I dont wanna goto school tommarow. I still have an incomplete in BIO from last year that I didnt finish due to my fathers death. That realy sucks. I miss him alot. I want him back here now. I dont get why shit like this has to happen to perfectly good people. I dont smoke, i hardly ever drink, I volunteer, and I enrich the lives of 2 particular kids that need someone. Why did this happen to me? Life sucks some times. Oh well. Ill just deal with it.
On a lighter note my printer is possessed. It not randomly prints odd things and right now its pushing the other paper out of the "finished" trey. he he he. Fun. Well im done.
bye bye

*kissed* @ 1:38 AM

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