Life seems so happy recently. Everyone seems so happy. I am so happy. My cloesest friends are at all time highs. Its wonderful. There is very little drama in my life. The only drama that exists is the supportive " i feel your pain" drama which is hardly untolerable. :P

And now I have him. The greatest thing that has ever happened to me. The most superb man in my life. The way he kisses me. The way he holds me. The way our fingers find their way inbetween each other and fit so perfectly. How intelligent he is. His love for the world. How peaceful and thoughtful he is. His amazing parents. His amazing friends. His love of animals.

I am in heaven. The DREAM guy has fallen into my lap and thinks as highly of me as I of him. AWESOME.

In other news thanksgiving was ok. The actual meal itself was sucktastic and full of crap but the trip was nice.

I just got back from seeing crusierweight. Le sigh. I love them SO much.

*kissed* @ 11:33 PM


Happy thanksgiving my lovely blogger friends!

I am very thankful for each and every one of you.

Each of you enriches my life, brings me happiness, and makes me smile :)

Here is how all of you on my "Reads" list that have brought me joy this past year:

Kate: I never understood how fun it would be to have a room-mate you LOVE. You are an amazing person who treats me well and i can honestly say you are the BEST friend I have ever had! I miss living with ya already and I know christmas will drive me crazy. :P

Kelly: Oh kelly elly belly!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad we have really gotten closer this year because you are turning out to be a great friend. We will deff. have many more great years to come and I can't wait to see your cruise pics!

Kody: I know we have grown apart but I am really glad we have started talking again. I have missed ya a lot and I am so glad you are finally happy :)

Liz: My origional school friend! ACTION JACKSON REPRESENT. This year has been a blast and we have so many more kick ass school years to come!!!

John: Oh how I miss my John. I know we don't see each other much but you will always be quite the dear friend to me. Pirates kicked ass :)

And now a note for all my aim friends who lack the blog skills:

Daylin: You are the BEST thing to have happen to me in a long while. You make me so happy and I have never met a guy i feel so close and connect so well with. You are an amazing person and I am so extreamly excited about our relationship. I miss you and I cant wait to see you saturday :)

Christine: You are awesome! Did you know that? You are SO much fun. I realy want to hang out with you more and I promise i will start going to philosophy more so we can dish on our HOT prof. COWABUNGA.

A.J: OH EM GEE. Party at AJ's. You are such a cool guy. It is awesome that we got to know you this year and I can't wait to spend many a year hanging with you at your NAPPY ass apartment :) STOP GOING HOME ON THE WEEKENDS

Courtney: I miss you so much! I am so proud of you and all you have accomplished. You will go far in life. Never forget how amazing you are and how much potential you possess. I love you :)

Erin: I know we only started to get to know each other but we tottaly have a blast when we are hanging out! I cant wait to check out the heat with you and to dye my hair :) I know we have many a fun time ahead!

Now if I left you out, its because I have limited time and you dont talk to me NEALRY enough. But seriously, I am thankful for all the people who have blessed me in my life.

A final word for everyone: Take this holiday season to tell your parents how much you love them. I am missing my dad terribly and wish I could just hug him and tell him I love him one more time. I dont want ANYONE to loose out on this chance. I love you all <3

*kissed* @ 8:59 AM


So, my weekend started Thursday night :)

It started with a wonderful dinner with Kelly at Mamacitas. :) We had a good time talking and hanging out. Me and that girl need much more us time.

After that we went and watched a bit of Empire Records and Jakes where I introduced Kelly to Jake, Morgan, Mandy, and Tom.

Then we headed to tin Lizzies. Had a FUCKING blast. Dancing, sneaking drinks, singing to great classics.

Daylin got to San Marcos around 11:45 so we headed over to AJs where we encountered a not so sober kate.

We got her drunken ass into bed and went over to Morgans to finish of the night with them.

Had a blast hanging with them.

Then we came back and cuddled until i had to go to work the next day.

Then after work we went out to eat, and went to tin lizzies again. It wasnt as much fun. I dunno why. I guess it was just the lack of people and lack of energy from the group.

We went to AJs. I got fucked up. Too drunk actually. I was ready to get home and cuddle with the boy.

Saturday Daylin went home and I went out to eat with my mom and went shopping. Got some GREAT clothes and then headed to san antonio to party at daylins place. GREAT time there. Lol. Got drunk, again, but so was daylin.

And i met tons of daylins friends. Iw as so excited, and nervous, to meet them. But, thankfully, they liked me. :)

Now I just have to meet the parents, though I talked to his mom on the phone today.

ANd today was WAY lazy. We layed around, did arts and crafts, and had a good time. I decorated everyones doors and we went to jims for dinner. We tried to goto cracker barrel but they would have put us on WAIT. ha ha ha. Isnt that funny?

Oh. I saw laramie project today and it was an amazing play. It is about the events surrounding mathew shepards death and basically about the town itself and how it viewed what happened. Great play. I cant wait to write the critique i have to write on it. :)

I miss him already. :(

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Ha ha ha. My boyfriend rocks... so hard. You dont even know :P

AmazingGweedo (6:07:50 PM): yeah i hate not having a job i feel all useless lol
queenfuzzypants (6:09:14 PM): You can get a job working for me.
queenfuzzypants (6:09:17 PM): :P
AmazingGweedo (6:09:45 PM): what would be my responsibilities?
queenfuzzypants (6:10:34 PM): Um... being cute... kissing me on a regular basis. Pleasing me when I see fit. Taking the occasional test for me,... and... and... answering my phone :)
AmazingGweedo (6:11:35 PM): what kind of benefit packages can I expect to receive
queenfuzzypants (6:14:16 PM): Well you get unlimited access to my boobs. when you are sick I will take care of you. Unlimited tooth brushes for life :P cool ones too. And there is always the unlimited sexual fullfillment package. And dont forget the promised girlfriend package.
AmazingGweedo (6:15:11 PM): so when can i come in for an interview?
queenfuzzypants (6:16:22 PM): ASAP and I cant stress enough that clothes are completely optional.
AmazingGweedo (6:17:40 PM): ill at least wear a tie i mean i dont want to give the wrong impression
queenfuzzypants (6:18:13 PM): Ok. That sounds hot.
queenfuzzypants (6:19:14 PM): Fuck it. You are hired!

*kissed* @ 3:46 AM


Dear Tummy,
Sorry for all the butterflies.
Its his fault!


*kissed* @ 11:10 PM

I am begining to love life again.

Sure, life was cool in the past... but I am actually so excited for each new day. For what ever the day brings, good or bad.

Now if only there was some way to fix my moms unhappiness. Its killing me. I need to go home more.

I just depressed myself. Fuck. Oh well. I still love life. Things are getting better.

*kissed* @ 1:44 PM


Dear REM cycle,
Yeah. Sorry. I skipped you last night. My bad. But talking to Daylin and pretending to study seemed like a better time.
Too bad you are tottaly kicking my ass now. Someone gets their feelings hurt eaisly.

The Insomniac

*kissed* @ 11:14 AM


Dear Vagina,

I am very sorry I let that lady look at you and poke at you earlier today at the doctors office. And I am extra sorry that you had to endure that AND be cold. I figured wearing socks would be enough, but they like to torture us college students at the quack shack.

But, I do this all out of love for I want you to be a healthy vagina.

And YIPPIE vagina! We got more birth control. Now you can continue on wit yo bad self.


The brains of the operation, Kelsea.

*kissed* @ 3:03 PM

Another kick ass weekend!

Friday: Went and saw "Pirates of Penznance" at my old HS with my mom. It was GREAT. Those kids did a WONDERFUL job. Afterwards Daylin met us at Chili's for dinner. My mom LOVES him which is awesome. After that we came back to San Marcos and went to a LAME party then to a GREAT party.

To sum up the second party we went to: Hypnotiq is yummy, drunks playing mario is funny to watch, matt was in my trunk, and tiny sandwiches rock.

Saturday: Went to the retreat. Told network people way to much about my sexual history lol. Then came back here late at night and watched Freeway with Daylin. Cuddled and kissed and had a good ol time making fun of T.V. untill 6 in the morning.

Sunday: Slept. Ate. Bowled. Ate. Now here I am.

Good weekend! Eep. Female doc. tomorrow. Me no likey.

*kissed* @ 1:49 AM


SUCH a great thursday night was had.

I went to visit Daylin at his apartment and had a blast. Watched Super Troopers. GREAT movie.

Had some Taco C. Had a great night.

My hoodie smells like him. I am in heaven.

*kissed* @ 2:12 PM


New blog design! Yay!

This one is inspired by the lyrics from my favorite Cruiserweight song. So.... yeah. Check out cruiserweight www.cruiserweight.com

Thats right. They rock.


I am SO excited. I get to see Daylin tonight. I am going to his apartment to hang out with him. WAY excited lol.

And I am making cookies with one of his roomies. WAY excited.

See you all later :)

*kissed* @ 1:54 PM


I have not been this giddy for a year. Having a boy like you that you like friggin rocks. :)

*kissed* @ 1:16 PM


More of the same...

Guys, when you bitch at me about how I shouldn't worry please keep the current headlines in mind.



About the global warming article, I understand that it wont happen till 2100 and that it threatens polar bears, but what the fuck. Why the hell isnt the president seeing this and holding immediate meetings to find out how we can begin to slow down the process so we can squeeze a few hundred more years out of our planet...

I know why.

He is bombing the shit out of falluja... wait. Isn't the war over?

*kissed* @ 1:02 PM

Don't you hate it when you are dying for someone, anyone, to get online so you can piss away your insomnia yet no one is biting! GRRRRRRRRRRuh.

come on people. Get the fuck online. Don't ignore me so. Show kelz some e-love.

I need to be doing my speech but I am not motivated. I am waking up at 10 tomorow to do it. Fuck it.

*kissed* @ 1:45 AM


Ahhh. I love how sweet life can be.

I had a fantastic weekend. I was lazy. I was comfortable. I was drunk for a part of it. And when I was drunk I was taken care of, fucked with a bit, but taken care of.

Best weekend since school started. I didn't stop laughing all weekend. God. I am just so giddy.

And the person who made me feel all giddy knows who he is :P I hope I made him feel the same way... but in a more straight way. :P

*kissed* @ 7:06 PM


So here it is. Bush has won. Kerry gracefully bowed out. I can't argue that.

What I can do is become more political then ever to keep bush from overthrowing choice, making discrimination a constitutional right, and invade our homes to find out if any of us are being anti-american and not agreeing with him.

Fuck you bush. I will keep on fighting for a better america. I will do everything in my power to let you know you are NOT wanted in office.

*kissed* @ 2:49 PM

Here is a great email I recieved :)

Dear Supporter,
Democracy for America

Montana, one of the reddest states, has a new Democratic governor.

First-time candidates for state legislatures from Hawaii to Connecticut beat incumbent Republicans.

And a record number of us voted to change course -- more Americans voted against George Bush than any sitting president in history.

Today is not an ending.

Regardless of the outcome yesterday, we have begun to revive our democracy. While we did not get the result we wanted in the presidential race, we laid the groundwork for a new generation of Democratic leaders.

Democracy for America trained thousands of organizers and brought new leadership into the political process. And down the ballot, in state after state, we elected Dean Dozen candidates who will be the rising stars of the Democratic Party in years ahead.

Tens of millions of us are disappointed today because we put so much of ourselves into this election. We donated money, we talked to friends, we knocked on doors. We invested ourselves in the political process.

That process does not end today. These are not short-term investments. We will only create lasting change if that sense of obligation and responsibility becomes a permanent part of our lives.

Martin Luther King, Jr. said, "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."

We will not be silent.

Thank you for everything you did for our cause in this election. But we are not stopping here.

Governor Howard Dean, M.D.

P.S. -- Join others in your community tonight at the Democracy for America Meetup to celebrate your hard work and discuss the next steps for your local group: http://dfa.meetup.com

*kissed* @ 2:13 PM

So bush is pretty much going to win.

And the world is over.

*kissed* @ 1:36 AM


Ick. I hate those nights when you get so depressed and bummed out by life and how things turn out.

I am really upset about how things panned out with Tom. I put a lot of trust in him and he pretty much ruined all my hopes... well he didn't ruin them. He just got them up.

And its just leaving me feeling so... achey. My heart just like hurts because I have never gotten over him and we just mesh so well together.

Also didnt help that I got so emotionally vested in him so soon after James.

Shit. I am glad I made the concious decision to quit reading his blog after my last comment to him.

Amy, dear, I love ya. Try to do the same as I have and cut him out of your life. Its easier that way. Great email btw. It made me laugh hard core.

But yeah... back on track. I hurt. Seriously. I do. And its frustrating because I don't want to start hanging out with morgan to the point of annoying him but i love being around morgan. I want to get to know them all so much better and its so hard with how shy I am with new people. Im not shy when I am there but I am shy when it comes to initiating contact. Maybe I should just suck my shit up.

Morgan enjoys my company. He wouldnt invite me over or be so nice to you. STOP BEING A LITTLE BITCH.

Ick. I need to pass out.

*kissed* @ 1:58 AM

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