Hey all! Well im back at school now! *sigh* I cant wait till 3:30 friday. that means im free for 3 days. (we have monday off) So i failed english badly. Im very grounded so if no one hears from me... weellll u know why now. Im going to the destinys child concert the 8th though. I dont really love them but im going with a huge group of friends so its gonna rock. My best friend is grounded till school is over cuz she got caught skipping with her boyfriend is is almost 20 and lives in Dallas. But still. Thats a bit much! ohh well..... i still see her at school i suppose. tommarow im getting my pic taken with the choir at school. I have to change into my formal though so thats gonna be a bitch. But i get to see the boys in their tuxes! :) Well im off now. Tah tah
(Me and that girl are no longer friends)

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Hey everyone. Wow. Nothing has hapepned today. I had 2 weird dreams though. One involved me saving sum guys life and the other i was madly in love with some football player but i helped him get together with a girl but he came to me. Umm eww football player? Actually they arnt that bad :) So yeah my dreams were odd. Last night i dreampt i ran over a cat! To make it worse everyone thought i did it on purpose. Thats what kelz's nightmares are like. LAME. so ne ways. Yeah nothing is happening. My mom hurt her back and that has ne sorta scared but she said she just pulled a muscle and it should be fine. My dad needs a root canal and i have cramps. I guess this family is in pain. Well not much else to say. Im going 2 the boards. See ya.,

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Happy new years everyone! 2nd day of the new year yet it still feels like 2000. Wow.... im getting old he he he. Like in 2 years im going to be out of highschool.... in 6 months im going to have to get my first job.... dear lord thats frightning.... in 4 months ill have a licence... GEEZ! Im a big girl now! Well new years was exciting. I wanted to go over to "Issacs" because my friend Matt who is in the Air Force (right? Why did i forget this) was going to be there and baker and tom but i didnt see that happening at all so i decided to stay home by my friend Ryane called me last min. and i went to her house. It was fun. We went to one of her boyfriends friends houses for a bit. The guys were nice. I didnt know either of the guys there but they made me feel at home. I knew Rich but didnt know the other (i forget his name) well after that we went back to Ryanes and we all set off fireworks and it was really fun. We stayed up till 4 and slept till 3. Then we spent the rest oft he day watching movies (Loser is so sweet!) and eating and playing nintendo. It was great. I still havent gotten dressed. All ive done is changed pajamas. he he he. Well Im gonna end it here! Happy new years all!
(The guy who I didnt know his name and I ended up dating. He was fucking hot. It was purly a physical relationship. He fell for me and I had no interest in him It ended.)

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