JUST SO YOU ALL KNOW THOSE STUPID MESSAGES ARE BOGUS! I thnk the fight is over... but i probobly started it again with my last entry. Ha ha ha. Its okay. Im home alone listening to sugar ray and sorta happy. I cant wait for school to start again in some weird way. Like i want to see everyone again. And the fact that i WILL NEVER HAVE TO DRESS OUT MAKES ME HAPPY! I finished my last semester EVER of any kind of PE last sememester. Go me! I rock. this makes me very happy. Ive been building a palace but its not going to well. No one visits and i wont get it hosted cuz im poor hah ah a. Ohh well. Ohh yeah palace is a chat program u have to download but its going to hell. Building a palace just gives me sumpin to do when no one is online. So yeah. I cant wait for the cruise my choir is going on this summer. Ive already started buying clothing for it. This is gonna be great. A week in the sun, with the most laid back people i know. A week in the sun with guys i dont have to worry about trying to molest me. Its great. Ohh well. Send me a note sum time people.

*kissed* @ 1:26 AM


yeah, bob was okay, but now that reflect on it isaac, also known as tom, was the best and biggest i have ever had. i never came so hard in my life. it was delicious. well, i have to go. tom is here and we are going to have hot sex on the kitchen counter. i have always wanted to try this.
(To bad he wasn’t… LOVE YA TOM)

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Hey ya'll. Just thought that you'd all like to know that I chose that little face-thingy because that was how I looked when I gave Bob123654 head last night. WOW!!! Tom was right, he is an animal in bed! I thought I was going to pass out! I never knew that so many positions were humanly possible! Oh well, must be going now. Bye.
(Baker. Your an ass but I love you.)

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have your parents ever had wild hot naked sex on your bed? mine have. in fact, they did it last night, and get this, while i was sleeping on it. i kind of liked it though. oh well
(Not me again)

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okay people, tell me if this sounds strange to ya'll. i am fifteen years old and have been attracted to boys all my life. but lately i have been looking at women. i have already kissed a girl and i liked it alot. but what would all of my friends say? i don't know what to do. chicks just keep popping into my head. i really want to know what it feels like to have sex with a girl. we'll see how it goes. someone give me some advice
(more of their sillyness)

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i feel compeled to tell you people about this. last new years(2000). i was over at my boyfriends house(well, see, we are no longer together because i am a pantywaste and don't want to take chances), anyway, we were all pretty drunk, it was my first time to get drunk because i have no life. isaac and i went into the woods and i was giving him head, i swear that thing is huge, and his two friends walked up to us right in the middle of it. i just couldn't stop though, because i was to drunk. because of my lack of brains, when his friends asked me how i became so good at giving head, i went down on a tree branch to show them how good i was. just wanted to share that with you.<
(A lie they told me and wrote in my journal.)

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