Why is it being the president of the united states makes you immune to proper pronunciation of words.

Its Nuclear bush. NEW-CLEE-ERRR


You fucking jackass.

How the HELL is this man our president.

Shame on anyone who voted for him. You voted a certified MORON into the highest office. ugh.

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update? yessssssss

Well, lets see. I have been apartment hunting like MAD. Its going well though. I have discovered a few nice places (i.e. cheap places ha ha ha) and I am more excited then ever! Wheeeeee. So yeah. I have been calling places like mad though. Today we have some tours of some apartments through apartment locators. We arnt really gonna take em but the guy tried so hard and I kinda feel bad if i dont go to it.

So yeah... thats pretty much it.

Oh. I am VP of the network. Yay me :)


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Why Texas Sucks

# If you are under 18 years old and want an abortion, one parent or legal guardian must be notified before you can get one. That is called "parental notification." If that’s not possible, you are able to ask a judge for permission, or get special permission if it’s an emergency. This is called "judicial bypass."
# There is a 24-hour mandatory waiting period in your state before a teen can get an abortion.
# Your state does not provide Medicaid coverage for medically necessary abortions.
# It is legal for your doctor to share your medical records with your parents or guardians.
# Only married minors may get contraceptive services from a private doctor.
#If you go to an emergency room after a sexual assault, that emergency room is not required by law to give you information about EC or to give EC to you if you ask for it.
# Texas state law does not require sexuality education. Local school boards decide whether or not to teach sex ed and which subjects this education must cover and the grade level in which topics are introduced.
# If sexuality education is taught, then abstinence must be covered and stressed as the only completely effective protection against unplanned pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, and HIV/AIDS.
# Teaching about contraceptives, such as condoms, the Pill, or the Patch, is not required.
# Texas state law does not require HIV/AIDS education. Local school boards decide whether or not to teach sex ed and which subjects this education must cover and the grade level in which topics are introduced.
# Abstinence must be covered and stressed as the only completely effective protection against unplanned pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, and HIV/AIDS when transmitted sexually.
# Teaching about contraceptives, such as condoms, the Pill, or the Patch, is not required.
# You do not need your parents’ permission to participate in sexuality education or HIV/AIDS education classes. But your parents can take you out of the classes if they object to what is being taught.
# Public schools in your state have no Safe Schools Law in effect, which is a statewide anti-harassment and/or nondiscrimination law that includes the categories of sexual orientation and gender identity. But some school districts have decided to adopt their own Safe Schools policies.
# There are statewide anti-discrimination laws, but they do not clearly include sexual orientation or gender identity. State hate crimes laws also do not include sexual orientation or gender identity.

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So, Financial Aide keeps on throwing money at me. WTF. This is AWESOME. I won't disclose how much because you bitches might try and rob me but damn. Holy shit. Ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh man.

Any way. Had a badass weekend.

Friday I got to be sober with a very drunk boyfriend and a very drunk Raul. Raul decided that his bathroom is too nice to puke in so he too advantage of Daylins. Ha. I love you Raul. Daylin was trying to convince me how un-drunk he was and I got the fine opportunity to paint his toes pink. :)

Saturday I worked, made some money, and went back to Daylins to get ready for his cousins huge ass party.

Long Story Short - Kelsea was MESSED up. It was a blast but it was prob. only fun due to my level of intoxication. I pretty much spent the entire night by daylin or his cousin's side but it was still good times. There was unpleasantness with my Liz, Kelly, and their friends and the jerks that were at this party and I really hate that it happened.

I HATE close minded ass holes. Really. I'm glad I didn't talk to any of those people all night.

Sunday was lazy. Now I miss Daylin.

I am still madly in love with the boy. Its amazing how this works. I can't wait for next fall when we move in together. This is gonna be amazing. I can already tell.

Now I am building my schedule for next semester :) Wish me luck on getting the classes I want.

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I Goto Hell For This

But this is FUCKING funny.


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Trip Me Out

So I was going through myspace profiles. One of my friends from high school has since had a child and she had a picture titled "The Family".

Wtf. She has established a family and shes not even 21. I am still out, partying, skipping classes, and basically doing immature shit.

It amazes me how fast one can step into the role of parent/family member. I don't even understand how anyone my age could even begin to do such a thing.

I am so COMPLETELY aware of how UNREADY I am to raise a child of my own by this. Just thinking about who I am, how I act, and what I do at my age... it just blasts in my face I am MANY years away from parenting.

Yet on the same token my mother had me by the time she was 25.

Thats 5 years away.


It really amazes me that a person can go through SO MUCH growth in 5 years to actually become an amazing, successful, parent.

I'm not really sure what the point of this post was... maybe just to publically express my complete and absolute knowledge that I am not ready to start a "family" (in the sense of children.) But on a tottaly related side of this "family" issue I am tottaly ready to move in with a boy.

Its so interesting to me how adult development works.

So to start a new story I effectivly freaked out a bunch of people in my group in my biology lab by telling them I am moving in with my boyfriend of 5 months in august. Thanks to oscar for saying "Well they are tight though. They arnt in one of those normal relationships" which helped save me a lot of explaining of concepts of relationship your average college student has not experienced or felt. It feels very nice to be done with the dating crap and to be OK with it.

With James I was always kinda pissed I couldn't date any more. Daylin, I couldn't care less. I don't ever have to wonder if he wants to kiss me, wonder if he is disgusted by the fact that I tottaly burped or farted in front of him, wonder if he is just sticking around to get me in bed or if he is genuinely interested in me, and I never have to put up with an asshole boyfriend again. EVER.

So heres to not having babies and moving in with boyfriends regardless of the time you have been together.

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So Much To Report

I havn't blogged in a while... so where do I start...

Ok. I think I kicked my History tests ass. EAT THAT BITCHES.

This past weekend was the peer ed conference in denton. Umm... FUN. I had SUCH a fucking great time! We left thursday and I got to skip all of my thursday classes with GOOD CAUSE :P That night was the keynote and he was AMAZING. Check out his website www.jaytalk.com and you will see why I fell in love with the man.
Friday was the first day of the conference. I learned all about my period and found out someone was a stripper in her deep dark past. That night we SWEPT UP the awards ceremony (Advisor of the Year-Julie Eckert and Peer Education Group of the Year-The Network. it was 2 of the 3 we went for. last year we got every single one of the awards we applied for. Thats right. TEXAS STATE BITCHES) That night we went to the CREEPIEST gay bar in the world. The woman taking our money and checking IDs had to have been pushing 400, she was one of those people who need a motorized cart to get around. And she had the deepest freaking voice. We went to check out a drag show that was a total bust. So 5 people packed into a 4 person car and we headed into town to find some fun. Whered we end up? The Inferno. ha. It was this hip hop club that was DESERTEd when we showed up. We brought all the people too. We invited West Texas A&M to join us :P Danced the night away.
Saturday was short and sweet :)
Finest memories? "Peering" a gay man, dancing like a moron, and fun stints in traffic in a huge 12 passenger van.

Sunday was my 20th. Man. What a tottaly complacent birthday. I don't feel older, I am just not a teen any more. Blah. Its cool. I don't mind so much. Had GREAT mexican food with my mom where we both got a bit tipsy from kick ass margaritas. daylin and I hung out and he gave me the sweetest gifts. I love that boy so much. You ahve no idea. I LOVE him. AHHH. It makes me wanna run around and tell everyone. <3

So I didn't get the RA position. Bummer, no? It really pisses me off because my RA is fucking worthless and she got to be an RA? Wtf. Any way, I didn't get it. SUCKS. But now I know that I am living with a boy next semester. I'm freaked out! A boy! I'm not REALLY freaked out but I am deff. pushed into a whole new arena. Like... I have to ditch some of the girliness (though Hello Kitty stays.) I am so excited to live with daylin, but it really is a whole new ballpark. All I know is I love him and cant wait for him to be closer. Leaving every weekend is so damn hard.

So thats it for this post :) Thanks to all who wished me a happy birthday and for those who didn't it really was no surprise (meaning just one person). I guess i'm not worth a simple phone call or something. ok. I am over it. lol.

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