No more shall I have to speak the dreadful language for a grade! I just found out today at my utterly pointless job that I don't need any more german then what I have taken.

I dropped that fucker like a HOT tamale.

Oh yeah.

In other news my bosses are SO weird.

They are just so anti social.

Moonis Ali, the department director, wont leave his office if he needs your help. He will call you on the phone. And he is maybe.... 10 feet away from me? If that much.

Cheryl, the journal lady has NO personality and thinks everything I do is stupid. She looks at me like I am a retard and then expects me to be able toe xplain myself after being looked at like i am a retard.

Tehn there is ruth. She is so friendly until you ask her to teach you how to do something. Then she gets all this "Didn't someone teach you that?" attitude.

So yeah. Oh well. My job is easy.

Today i worked for an hour and a half and did.... nothing :)

*kissed* @ 6:41 PM

I know I know. I am provoking something. I origionally took this cuz Kate cut one and it smelled super bad in here but then I was reminded of something...

So who am I ?

*kissed* @ 1:51 AM


Just watch it on vh1 and enjoy reminiscent memories of middle school dances :)

*kissed* @ 8:45 PM



We will call it... PETITION OF THE MOMENT!

I encourage all who support the petition of the monent to sign it!!! Yay! I will change it when the petition has enough signatures. So... Sign away! Some info about the petition of the moment:

Help Stop an Attack on Endangered Species Target: Garth Griffin Supervisory Fishery Biologist/Branch Chief NOAA FisheriesSponsor: SaveOurEnvironment .org

The Bush administration has just released two very harmful draft policies that will undermine decades of protections for wild salmon and steelhead and their vital habitat. We need your help and your voice today to protect our endangered wild salmon from further decline and possible extinction!

These draft policies will undercut important efforts meant to protect salmon habitat. The first policy counts hatchery salmon as wild salmon under the Endangered Species Act. The second policy, which could effectively strip federal protections from wild salmon and steelhead, applies this misguided hatchery policy to 27 protected salmon and steelhead stocks and proposes to reclassify resident rainbow trout and count them as ocean-going steelhead.

Pacific wild salmon are an important keystone species, providing food for hundreds of species of animals and plants and serving as an economic engine for rural fishing communities. Now is our only chance to change this harmful policy before it is adopted, and protect our wild salmon.

Please tell the Bush administration that hatchery fish should not be counted as wild fish and that the Endangered Species Act is intended to protect wild salmon and steelhead and their natural habitat.

Public comments are due by October 15, 2004 – sign this petition today!

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The Source


*kissed* @ 12:37 AM

Kate and I got locked out already. Heres to a fun semester :P

*kissed* @ 12:22 AM


My interests: Inflatables: "View my complete"


*kissed* @ 10:46 PM

Holy shit. Where did summer go?

I kinda feel like it was wasted in the sense that I worked all summer at a job I hated and didn't get more time with james because of the job I hated.

le sigh. Such is life I suppose.

Then again the summer was good. I spent time with my mom and james. That's all I want. More time with them.

I hate going back in some ways and I love it in others.

This time I know what school is like and for that I am excited yet I know what I am leaving behind. James. Mom.

I hate how when you are PMSing you cry about stupid shit yet feel helpless and tearless about the other shit that really does make you sad.

Oh well. 1 more year and James will be at Texas state with me. And everything will be perfect.

Liz, come sooner then Friday hun.

Nicole and Kelly... dont goto Dave Matthews. Party with Kate and I.

Kate, let our shit get worked out and let us be roomies. I hate this crap "res life" has put us through.

here's to a good year and as Nicole so eloquently put it last semester "18 hours BITCH!"

*kissed* @ 2:21 AM


Dude. How cool is blogger. This tool bar rocks! Very fun. Yay.

I need to redesign my blog. I will do this when I am at school. Maybe a spiffy txstate edition... hmm...

*kissed* @ 11:55 PM


So. I learned two of my friends have a fetish with calling people drunk :)

Just my luck :P

*kissed* @ 1:27 AM



Thats all I have to say

*kissed* @ 2:01 AM


'nuff said.

p.s. kelz got a crazy new hair cut and no one will see it till they see me. NO PICS :P

I love liz.

*kissed* @ 12:36 AM


I need to post more about life since liz's party but this is more interesting

Just heard on fox news, heh, that the department of homeland security has determined that the current terror threat is set for doing something that will disrupt the presidential elections.

Call me paranoid but isn't it SOOOOOOOOOOOOO convenient that the president who has based his campaign on fear now has a security group he set up saying that the elections could be disturbed.

I smell conspiracy to win the elections with a fake terror attack.

I don't trust my president. I am not one to believe that the government is out to get us so the fact that this is the first thing that popped into my head when I heard the news report proves how unfit this man is to govern us.

*kissed* @ 1:40 AM

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