Drew is a pansy.

I hope he reads this, pansy. Its tottaly normal to goto ihop with complete strangers ;P

March 1, 2003

Those stuffed french Toast thingys are good. Neat. Ummmmmm uhhh... yeah. Went to IHOP with kody and kelly last night. Fun stuff. Looked at porn on my cell phone. Also fun stuff. Now im getting ready for a choir thing. Wish us luck. Yay broadway ladies or something to that effect.

*kissed* @ 1:38 AM


I hate psychology. Gah. He just gives us busy work. I wish my school district hired REAL teachers. Gah. So yeah. Learning isnt an interesting topic to cover. Oh well.

I met my biazzaro world male equivalent last night. Yay.

So ummm yeah. So.... yeah.

Im planning on making a road trip up the east coast next year some time. I cant wait.

Im eating old valentines candy. Yay.

This is all for now.

*kissed* @ 1:37 AM

Well lets see. Its fucking cold in texas. I dont like it. Sunday it was 80. I wore a tank top. I actually had to shave my arm pits. Monday it got cold. That afternoon it sleeted. That night it froze. Tuesday no school. Wednesday postponed. Thursday, well, postponed again for some testing. So yes. Fun stuff.

My hand smells like pennys. Damn money jar.

When i get bored i catergorize pennies by their date. Looserrrrr.

My phone just lost batteries. Im out. Peace dogs hommie fuck.

*kissed* @ 1:36 AM


Kelz wore her slippers to school today.

Isnt that exciting. Well lets see. No news yet. School doesnt start untill 1 tommarow. Nice huh? 30 min classes, nicer. Im sick of high school. Gah. Ooh i made a 30 on a quiz in pre-cal. Kick ass right? So yes. That is all to report. My life is so boring. Gah. Oh wait. I got my paper done. Turned it in. I saw my PALee. She was happy which is good. I had chinese for lunch :) Hmmm what else. Im home alone right now... Ok. Thats all I think.

*kissed* @ 2:37 PM

Ick. Its 1:40 and im working on this dumb ass research paper. Gah. Kill me. So yes. This is my journal. How neat. I wonder if mine will ever be as cool as others. If you even read this please jot down a little note for me. Thanks.

*kissed* @ 2:05 PM

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